I’m so excited to finally launch this website for you.  It’s been a labor of love that includes my three passions: Health Coaching, Behavioral Health Counseling, and Life Coaching.  My work isn’t work for me!

I’ve always believed a healthy lifestyle included your diet but so much more.   If you’re struggling with your mental and physical health, you’re at the right place.  If you hate your job and are  dissatisfied with your life, you’re at the right place.  If you want your teen to have career clarity before you invest thousands in their post-secondary education, you’re at the right place!

There are millions of people diagnosed and misdiagnosed each year with mental illness.  The education and training I received, as well as other therapists, do not teach that mental illness affects the whole body.  The current treatment promotes a brief session usually followed by a prescription.  Most people are finding that this system is not working for them but they are either afraid to question their practitioners or they don’t know what to do next.  My approach includes helping my clients give their whole body what it needs to improve. I teach my clients how to become their own health advocate by being confident to try new treatments that may or may not include medication.  My clients are strongly encouraged to partner with their doctors. But I also give them the confidence to become equipped in makng quality decisions for their overall health.

Exercise has to be a part of your health equation. If you’re tired of your boring workout, stick around! You’ll get to see some of the fun workouts I regularly enjoy and maybe even join me. 

Life is good when you feel good is my mantra and I want it to be yours too.  

Sign up today for a free cleanse cheat sheet and let’s begin your journey to a healthier and happier life!

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