5 Reasons Why Therapy Is Good For Your Health

Many people are starting to become more open to receiving counseling.  Working against the stigma and the negative attitudes towards people with behavioral health issues has made some inroads, but the task isn’t over.   Unfortunately there are some individuals who would rather shoulder their emotional pain than seek help.  The problem is, what you don’t handle emotionally will have physical ramifications. 

Did you know that when your mind is sick so is your body? The mind and body are one system that depends on each other.   Integrating therapy is beneficial in relieving your body of the pressure that your mind can no longer handle.  Here are a few examples of how therapy can improve your health:

1.    Stress reduction
Stress as a whole is horrific to your body.  At least 75 to 90 percent of all visits to primary care doctors are due to stress disorders.  I have clients that must learn how to deal with stress in order to survive. Your body was not designed to handle the ramifications of ongoing stress.  Mental stress can derive from feeling overwhelmed, trapped or a loss of control.  You should strive to learn how to find peace during the storms of life, even if you have to illicit the assistance of a therapist.

2.    Improved mood
When your mood improves your body has a better chance of being at peace.  The ability to heal from physical aliments increases when your mood and body are calm. Your overall feeling of well being will occur when there is a healthy balance of your mind, body and spirit.

3.    Reduces blood pressure
Your blood pressure must always be in the normal range in order for you to remain healthy. High blood pressure can lead to heart failure, stroke, kidney failure and a host of other health illness.  According to the American Heart Association consuming too much alcohol can also be a factor for HBP.  Unfortunately too many people have found it easier to ignore their pain with alcohol instead of speaking to a professional.  Sad but true.

4.    Healthy heart and Depression
Heart disease is still the No. 1 killer of all Americans and depression affects 1 and 10 people over age 18 in the US.  According to a study published with the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), “Major depressive disorder is a risk factor for the development of incident coronary heart disease events in healthy patients and for adverse cardiovascular outcomes in patients with established heart disease.”  Healing a broken heart should now take on a whole new meaning!

5.    Diabetes and mental health
People with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing mental health disorders and vice versa.  “Depression is at least twice as common in people with diabetes as in the general population, but this common comorbidity is frequently under diagnosed and under-treated” according to the Lancet journals.  People with diabetes often struggle with making the necessary healthy lifestyle choices that affects them both mentally and physically.

When a person acknowledges that emotional help is needed, the healing of their whole body can begin. Remember, whatever your mind can’t handle the body will be forced to but sometimes with serious health consequences. Counseling is gaining the traction it needs to provide people with the help that they deserve.
What are you struggling with emotionally that's taking a toll on your health? Comment below and let's talk. 











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Priyanka Kapoor
Priyanka Kapoor
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