5 Steps To Motivate You to Wellness


Your motivational style or DNA is no different from your fingerprints or personality. They are all different for each person. People that understand how they are motivated are prone to creating action plans that work.They understand what works for them and aren't moved by others. There are countless assessment tests you can take, even online, to determine your particular style. 


One assessment test I took a few years ago confirmed that I'm motivated by variety. You know what they say, "Variety is the spice of life." I was described as fun-loving, outgoing, energized by exploration, with an unquenchable thirst for adventure.  Wow, this is me. Because I understand how I'm designed I know what I need. I'm demotivated by mundane routines.  


This especially applies to my workouts. Sometimes I struggle with working out like everyone else. I get bored very easily with the same-old-same-old. Since I understand that I need variety, adding it to my workouts is essential. Thankfully NYC has enough unique classes to quince my thirst. Check out a few classes I recently enjoyed. I loved all of them and boy did I sweat!




Master Trainer: Portia Singh



Founder: Briana Owens




Co-Creator/Owner: Autavia Bailey


Here are 5 tips to get you motivated to embrace a wellness lifestyle:


1. Make a commitment. If you're tired of struggling emotionally and physically, acknowledge that you deserve to feel better. This year's theme is #CuzImWorthIt. It's so important that you understand your worth and take a proactive approach to your healing. 


2. Identify your motivational style. Although I like variety, that may actually discourage someone else. Your style will determine the success of your goals. If you enjoy the same routine or consistency, that's fine. What drives you won't be the same for someone else and that's okay.


3. Create a team. Sometimes I collaborate with other professionals (e.g. personal trainers, psychiatrists, MDs, etc) to ensure that my client is getting the best treatment. Your healing may require multiple practitioners that work together. Get your team!


4. Enlist an accountability partner. They are great in keeping you focused on your goals, maintaining appointments, and providing moral support. In therapy, I always help a client understand the need for outside supporters. 


5. Enjoy the journey. If you are seeking counseling or coaching, trust that it is a process and embrace your growth and healing along the way.


Which tip did you find the most helpful? Please leave your comments below.


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