Hi I'm Sonya!

love the work that I do -- guiding and empowering families on their journeys toward total wellness. Whether I’m helping a depressed parent learn how nutrition can improve her mental condition or coaching an anxious student in the endless possibilities for a future career, my commitment to developing total wellness plans focuses on the simultaneous transformation of mind and body to help family members create healthy, vibrant and productive lives.  

I have taken myself on a similar journey. As a single mother, I often had to fight feelings of hopelessness and anxiety as I juggled parental responsibilities and my nine-to-five duties. There were times when I didn’t know if I had the stamina to pursue my own personal and professional goals. But I also knew that if I weren’t happy with my life, my mental and physical health would also deteriorate.  I had to put systems in place that helped me better manage my stress, improve my diet and strengthen my attitude about the direction of my life. I knew that if I functioned at optimal capacity with a strong mind, balanced emotions and a healthy body, I could achieve anything. Restructuring my life had to become my main focus. Maintaining total health is priceless and is, today, at the foundation of everything that I teach my clients.  


My curiosity for how nutrition impacts all aspect of health began with my first job at General Nutrition Center (GNC). I was only 16, but I spent hours studying all the ways nutrients aided the body. Little did I know that I was setting the stage for my future.

After working in the healthcare system for nearly 25 years, I am still fascinated by the research that continues to point to the importance of nutrition in healing and preventing mental and physical health issues. The focus on treating isolated symptoms instead of examining all aspects of a person’s lifestyle has resulted in hundreds of thousands misdiagnoses annually. That doesn’t include the horrific side effects from over-prescribed medication.

Even in my training as a therapist, I was never taught to consider a person’s diet and health habits during an assessment. Thankfully, my personal research and additional studies in mind/body health have greatly influenced my practice. A mental health diagnosis doesn’t have to be a permanent condition, especially if it is the result of a nutritionally deficient diet, allergies, or digestive issues. Many patients are surprised to learn how simple, yet consistent behavioral changes can change a prognosis.

My approach with clients doesn’t disregard recommendation, diagnoses or prescriptions from medical professionals. I design whole body, whole life recommendations, which include partnering with doctors to give patients full and comprehensive treatment. Life is at its best when you are physically and mentally functioning at your best!

It’s time you invest in your total wellness! You deserve it!

As your counselor or coach, I will put the power back in YOUR hands.

My Training
Master of Human Services/Counseling-Lincoln University
NBCC-National Board Certified Counselor

NYS Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Certified Life Coach-Institute for Life Coach Training
Certified Parenting Journey Facilitator
Member of the International Association for Health Coaches (IAHC)
Member of Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society in Social Sciences

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