"Success is intentional and it requires a plan." Sonya
  • Are you lacking career clarity?
  • Afraid that you will get stuck in a career you hate?
  • Unmotivated to think about your future?
  • Socially challenged?

When I attended high school I didn't receive any career guidance. There was an assumption that I would attend college but there was no strategy for my intended vocation. The journey to my "dream career" was zig-zag and included attending four different colleges. I cherish the life lessons I learned along the way. However, I would have also benefited from receiving some kind of coaching which could have saved me thousands of dollars in tuition.   

Unfortunately, most teens and college students are challenged with the same life uncertainty.  To make matters worse, there is a shortage of competent high school guidance counselors. The average public school counselor has a caseload of approximately 471 students with a nationwide average of 239 students, According to the American School Counselor Association (ASCA). It's unlikely that high school students are getting the adequate attention they need for career development.  

The journey I took myself on to create my career has prepared me with a unique skill to assist teens on theirs. I help them to replace their fear with faith in their future coupled with excitement for new opportunities.  Parents, this is a priceless investment in your teen's future. 


This personalized program will provide support and accountability. Each session is designed to provide you with the confidence needed to take daily action towards your goals!

Your program includes:
-Eight-week, 60-minute engagement sessions, over the phone, or online (Skype, Facetime).
-Handouts, and other materials
-Email support 

*Program requires a minimum eight session commitment.

Step 1. Phone consultation: Fill out the questionnaire and schedule a 20 minute consultation to determine your goals and if we would be a good fit.

Step 2. Complete Welcome Packet one week prior to our first session.

Step 3. Session 1 will include assessing and creating goals.

Step 4. In the remaining sessions your progress will be discussed and troubleshooting provided, if needed. You will be held accountable to your goals and commitments and I will provide support.

If you are exploring life coaching for the first time or concerned if we will be a good fit, contact: info@sonyadavie.com to schedule a consultation.

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